The Best Luxury Foods For Casino Parties

It's an unwritten rule that casino parties are supposed to be grand with top-tier decorations and fantastic food. Deciding on a theme for casino parties is one of the biggest challenges while hosting one online.

There's a lot one needs to consider before they fix a theme for the party, and if they don't have enough time or money to decide on one, then it's best to just settle for a good old Italian theme casino which amazing Italian food, first-class casino games, and incomparable decorations. Don't forget to play online casinos for an even better experience!

Where To Find The Best Italian Food?

There's no doubt over the fact that authentic Italian foods are incredibly difficult to find. The old-school pizza and alfredo pasta are cliched Italian foods that are now twisted to the liking of the Americans. However, Notturno is amongst the most famous Italian cuisine restaurants that speak for itself about the authenticity of the Italian cuisines. The restaurant offers a spectrum of Italian dishes that are unparalleled to many restaurants in the country.

The restaurant is popularly-located in Gastown, which is home to edgy, fashion studious, and Victorian-era architecture. The location alone sets the mood for a memorable gambling night. Notturno offers a wide variety of ever-changing, delectable craft cocktail programs, which is essential for every good Canadian party.

The BC-brewed craft beers and a rotating menu of Cicchetti share plates make the restaurant unique among its competitors. Order food from here, play online casino in Canada and make the best of your time at home.

Cocktails Of Notturno

They have a wide array of wine glasses and Italian-inspired designs of the fare with premium quality products. Wine consultants Chris Royal ensures that a wine program complements the food menu extraordinarily.

The reputation of Notturno’s craft cocktails is exemplary among its competitors. Their craft cocktail maker, who is also Vancouver Magazine's Bartender of 2013, dubbed "H", designed the signature cocktail of Notturno, Gli Felice. The signature cocktail is praised by the public immensely and is just the perfect cocktail to be served at a well-hosted casino party.

Alongside Gli Felice, several cocktails will rightly complement the Italian foods and set the mood for a good night of gambling. If you're stuck at home because of the imposed lockdown, there are great ways to make yourself feel as if you're at the casino. Order cocktails from here and play online casino , games in Canada. You'll feel like you are present at the casino itself.

Food And Ambiance Of Notturno For Gambling

The foods served at the reputable restaurant Notturno are inexplicably good. The elegant Italian dishes speak for themselves about the authenticity of the Italian flavors, whose taste will take you on a trip to Italy.

The rotating menu always has something new for their customers to try and their creations with the Italian flavoring is one of the reasons for their immense popularity. Their unique dishes are famous all across the country, where the Italian flavors meet the deluxe dishes and create the perfect balance of luxuriousness and elegance that calls for a gambling night.


It's undoubtedly difficult to find the perfect restaurant where you can host the . Luckily, the Notturno restaurant is amongst the famous Italian restaurants you can order food from and host the perfect casino party at home. Of course, make sure to play online casino games to make the environment seem even more surreal.


Address: 280 Carrall Street, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 720-3145
Open Tue - Sat: 6pm to late
Close Sundays & Mondays